Annual Reports

Annual report 2016/17
This year we have successfully fulfilled our academic curriculum for all our current classes from pre- school to Year 8. We have almost reached our aim to fully mirror the Czech school system and we have only ONE year to go! Next year this time we will have our first Czech School graduates and I feel already very proud… AR_2016-17

Annual report 2015/16
This year we have successfully fulfilled our academic curriculum for all our current classes from preschool to year 7. Our vision is to continue our Saturday school to Year 9 to mirror the Czech school system – and we have only two years to go! However, the school has provided more than just academic activities during the past year. Amongst others, we held the traditional “Night with Anderson” in the spring and in the autumn we organised a three-day camp in Windsor. At the end of the year we finished with the St. Nicolas celebration, which provided a perfect opportunity for the whole community to meet and celebrate. We also organised a film afternoon when the Czech film “Tri Bratri” was shown. All these activities add an important dimension to our school life when children of all ages can get together and have an opportunity to improve their Czech knowledge and friendships in a more relax environment… AR_2015_16

Annual report 2014/15
This past academic year saw the successful completion of our latest partnership project, entitled LILACS OF PEACE. Designed to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War Two this year, the e-book and iMovie has been created with a grant from the Islington’s Mother Tongue Supplementary School Partnership and under the patronage of the Czech Ambassador Michael Žantovský. Children from three Islington partnership organisations participated in the making of the project, and it is my pleasure to let you know that we have secured a new grant towards running further Lilacs of Peace workshops in the upcoming autumn and winter months… AR_2014_15

Annual report 2013/14
A letter from the Chair: It is my pleasure to write yet another end-of-year letter as part of our Annual Report. In the past year, we have successfully completed our Curriculum for all the current classes in our School, specifically tailored for our bilingual children, in collaboration with the Czech Ministry of Education. Furthermore and equally importantly, we have signed a contract with the Czech Ministry of Education which recognizes our School as an official provider of classes in Czech language, literature, history and geography abroad… AR_2013_14

Annual report 2012/13
A letter from the Chair: Since our establishment in December 2009 we have grown considerably, both in numbers as well as in the activities that we do. We currently provide education for more than 170 children aged 2 to 11 in our Saturday school and preschool, in the Sunday art club ‘Steps towards Czech’, and our Wednesday art and language classes in Harpenden. In addition, during the half-terms in this academic year we have opened a Sunday drama club DráCZECH for Czech and English bilingual children, and the highly popular English language DRAGON for children coming from various organizations in Islington…

Annual report 2011/12
A letter from the Chair: It has been another busy year. Our school, the Czech School Without Borders, London, now counts more than 100 children regularly attending our Saturday classes in St Mary Magdalene Church on Holloway Road, our Wednesday classes in Harpenden, and our Sunday classes ‘Steps Towards Czech‘ in the Czech Centre on Harley Street. As such, we all form a vibrant and engaged Czech-speaking community, one of the largest of its kind in the UK, and one that is constantly growing!… [PDF-EN]

Annual report 2010/11
A letter from the Chair: A great deal of work has been done since our first meeting on December 12, 2009 which saw the establishment of our voluntary organisation ‘Czech School Without Borders, London’ (CSWBL) as an unincorporated association. First of all, our Constitution was adopted by the members of our very first management committee, comprising myself, Vice Chair Renata Clark, Treasurer Iva Hopkins, and joint Secretaries Sarah and Michal Hlásek. As is customary for voluntary organisations, the members of the CSWBL management committee work as volunteers… [PDF-EN]