About us

The Czech School without Borders, London, is a charity and a company limited by guarantee whose purpose is to promote education in the language, history, geography, art, culture and heritage the Czech Republic.

The school was originally founded as a small art club for Czech-speaking pre-school children by the artist Zuzana Jungmanova in October 2007. Zuzana has a long-standing interest in creative art activities and working with bilingual children. In 2009 the initiative developed into the Kids’ Art Club and the same year the Czech School without Borders, London, was established as a part of an international project Czech School without Borders which has branches in Paris, Berlin, Munich, Brussels and Zurich.

The Czech School without Borders, London, is a voluntary organisation managed by director Zuzana Jungmanova and a committee nominated from amongst the parents. Parents of children enrolled at the Czech School without Borders, London, automatically become members of the school and can directly influence the running of it by participating at the AGM and meetings held during the term.

Introduction to a long-term bilingual project The Czech School without Borders London [PDF].

A Company Limited by Guarantee, no 7323697

Registered Charity Number 1151158