February 21, 2018 – International Mother Language Day

February 21 is the International Mother Language Day which reminds us of the importance of language and its diversity. On this day, we gathered in Islington Town Hall to remember how significant our languages are. There was a rich programme, delicious snacks in the form of a banquet and much more waiting for the participants.

The main aim was to introduce children from different organizations who devoted themselves to developing their own mother tongue in a foreign language environment. Visitors had a chance to see Persian, Greek, and Iranian dances, Arabic and French songs and even bilingual fairy tales told by children. Students from the Czech School without Borders took part in the programme as well. They recited English poems which were written within a school’s creative workshop. The all-day program was enriched by Dr. Froso Argyri’s lecture on bilingualism and multi bilingualism.

Six pupils from CSWB were selected to attend the event thanks to their hard work. They received a certificate as commemoration of International Mother Language Day. The nominated children were: Tobias Green from 1st grade, Adéla Kemal from 2nd grade, Miriam Wheatley from 4th grade, Maxmilian Tatara from 5th grade and Amelia North from 8th grade. Lucie Velikova was also nominated but unfortunately she was not present so she will be given the certificate later.