Our Policies

Child protection Policy
Policy Statement: The Children’s Act, 2004 defines a child as being up to the age of 18 years old. Extensions of this exist for children who have special needs and for those in local authority care settings. The Children’s Act makes it clear that the welfare of the child is paramount and it gives everyone involved in the care of children a responsibility for the protection of those children…
Safeguarding _CP_Policy_17_18
Safeguarding _CP_Policy.2

Health & Safety Policy
Our statement of general policy is: to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities; to provide and maintain safe equipment; to provide information, instruction and supervision for employees; to maintain safe and healthy working conditions; to review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals…
EN_Health and Safety Policy 2017-2018

Equality and Diversity Policy
The responsibility for ensuring equality and diversity among potential and actual service users, volunteers, members and workers rests ultimately with the management committee. Volunteers, workers and management committee members are responsible for the implementation of the policy, its observance and monitoring it on an annual basis…
EN_Equal Opportunities Policy 2017 – 2018 souboru

Volunteer Policy
The Czech School Without Borders, London (CSWBL) recognises the value of volunteers and believes that volunteers should be given clear guidelines about their rights, roles and responsibilities. This document sets out CSWBL’s responsibility to its volunteers and outlines what expectations CSWBL has of volunteers. It sets out the general minimum standard for the involvement of volunteers and should be read alongside other specific policies and procedures that apply to volunteers (such as the Child Protection Policy, the Equality and Diversity Policy, Health and Safety Policy, etc), as well as the standard form Volunteer Agreement. CSWBL will ensure volunteers have adequate knowledge about their role, responsibilities and rights and the policies and procedures of the organisation. Volunteers must exercise reasonable care when carrying out their duties…
EN_Volunteer Policy_2017-18