Useful Links

Dear parents and friends of the CSWB! We’re bringing you a list of weblinks designed to assist you with the upbringing of bilingual children.

  1. Reading in Czech – regardless of age, reading can be done with your children, both older and younger.
  2. Listening to audiobooks – listening to audio is often easier than reading complex texts, so make the most of it.
  3. Regularity – stick to a routine when carrying out your Czech – related activities every day.
  4. Grammar through games – you can practice grammar in the kitchen, bathroom or even park. Don’t be afraid to stick Post-it-Notes with grammatic rules and structures on furniture around the house, doors to the bathroom or outside in the garden, as long as they are frequently encountered by your child.
  5. One Večerníček – many activities – one short, bed-time fairytale can be used as the stimulus for a range of other conversations and games – for example you could try dubbing the hilarious Pat a Mat, coming up with funny comments or crafting the characters from paper, playdough, Lego etc.
  6. Stamina – you’re doing great, keep it up!
  7. Sharing – get in touch with fellow parents in a similar situation and share any tips or tricks you may have encountered.  You’re not in this alone!

For further inspiration we have attached a collection of weblinks and recommendations that parents previously shared with us.

Reading in Czech

Czech bookshop for kids in abroad

Czech books and interactive reading – app

Magazine Krajanek – a magazine for Czech children living abroad

Magic pen – books with an interactive digital pen

Readmio – an app, which brings stories to life through sounds and music

Ebooks in Czech

The National Library – Digital Library

The National Pedagogical Museum and Library of J. A Comenius – Digital Library

Municipal Library of Prague – Online Catalogue

About a bilingual upbringing

A video about the upbringing of bilingual children

A blog about the upbringing of bilingual children

First-hand tips for the parents of bilingual children

Guidance when choosing books

Categorisation of books based on reading level

Book clubs

Literary works awarded Zlatá stuha (awarded to the best Czech children’s books)

Practicing Czech language and grammar

A range of resources offering materials for children living abroad

Explanations of grammatic features for children

Grammatical exercises and guided reading comprehension

An app for practicing Czech

An app on Czech proverbs

Learningapps – online exercises (there is also the option of creating your own exercises for free)

Wordwall – online exercises (there is also the option of creating your own)

Fleshcards – designed to practice Czech vocabulary (there is also the option of creating your own)

Duolingo – an app for foreign learning languages

6000 Words – an app for learning vocabulary

Click4Czech – practicing vocabulary a grammar for Czech as a second language

Memrise – games for practicing language skills

Games in Czech – online and board games

Code names (for older kids)

A game with characters from comics – Anča and Pepík

Internet for kids – Alík

Mini games for kids

Bomb game, Tik Tak boom!

About Czech

State symbols for kids

History of the Czech nation – short videos about czech history

Czech memory games- shirt videos about czech regions

About Leo Janáček

Comic Books – Czech

Milada Rezková, Lukáš Urbánek: Rackomix

Nikkarin: Super Spellsword Sága

History – Czech comic series

20th century stories – we are still at war

Džian Baban, Vojtěch Mašek: The dragon never sleeps

Jan Novák, Jaromír 99: So far so good

Jiří Lapáček: Detective Pike’s question marks

Comic books – translated

Museums and exhibitions

TV and radio

Facebook groups

If you will have more tips we would be greatful if you would email us any ideas at mail to:

Have a nice day, we wish you luck with raising your bilingual children.