Spring Camp 2022

Spring Camp 22 – Dragon Adventure 29. 5. – 1. 6. 2022

On Sunday, May 29, we went on a four-day adventure trip to the magical forest in Cudham. Fearless dragon warriors successfully overcame the first obstacles – a trip by train, bus and on foot to the camp, a song to the cooks and to design team flags. The children were divided into four groups: Elf Warriors, the Dragon Warriors, the Fierce Foxes, and the Dragon Flames.

On Monday we visited the farm and on the way we saw deer, sheep and llamas. It started to rain on the farm, but we dried our shoes and children by the fireplace. In the afternoon, we made costumes and amulets for good luck, played a lot of games and recorded magic videos. We even managed to light up a proper campfire and to toast marshmallows.

Tuesday was interwoven with all sorts of pitfalls, including several storms and hailstorms, but the brave warriors from the dragon’s den survived and overcame everything without any problems. The tournament was waiting for them in the morning, after lunch they had to show their skill and creativity by making weapons, stick figures and little sock gnomes. Dinner was followed by a special campaign where children needed to prove themselves and show their qualities and at night even a path of courage. The brave elves, hobbits, and dragonborns thus proved their resilience, agility, strength, intelligence, and charisma. They did incredibly well in all disciplines.

Throughout the camp, the children collected ribbons for their team, which they tied to their flags. In the end, all teams received certificates and the winning team,with the most ribbons, won something more.

We said goodbye to everyone with a heavy heart, but we firmly believe that our paths will cross again in the future.