Would you like to enrol your child at the Czech School Without Borders, London?

The enrolment in Year 0 is for children over 5 years who were born before 31st August 2015.

The enrolment in Year 1 is for children over 6 years who were born before 31st August 2014.

The enrolment is only for children who have not completed Year O or pre-school section “Ježci” at CSWBL.

Children who have completeted Year O and pre-school section “Ježci” at CSWBL will automatically continue to Year 0 and Year 1 respectively.

St Mary Magdalene Academy
Liverpool Road
London N7 8PG

How to do it?
Send an email to and tell us the full name of your child, their date of birth and which Year you would like them to enrol in.

If your child attends the Czech Through Play in Harpenden on Wednesdays and you would like to enrol your child in Saturday school, send us also email to

Dear parents, children, and friends,  
do you have your favourite Czech food? If so, please do share your recipes and creations with us by entering a competition called “Česká kuchyně, pro tu bych šel světa kraj” (“Czech Cuisine, I would walk across the globe”)

What is the competition about? 
Pick a traditional speciality from across regions of the Czech Republic and turn it into a delicious meal. Make some photos, collage, or a video along the process, include the recipe (unless it is a family secret recipe, of course) and send it to us. You can also add pictures of you serving and enjoying the meal. There are no limits to your creativity!!

The whole project will culminate with publishing a special cookbook, which will be sent to all parts of the world and prove that Czechs abroad are gifted and creative. Magdaléna Dobromila Rettigová (Czech cook and author of a legendary recipe book from the beginning of the 19th century, whose 235th anniversary we celebrate this year) would be certainly proud of us.

Please do send your documentation via email to The competition will run till August 20th 2020.

We will look forward to receiving your entries. Enjoy (the process and) your meal!

26-30 Kensington Palace Gardens, London W8 4QY

1. half-term: 7.9., 14.9., 21.9., 28.9., 5.10., 12.10.
2. half-term: 2.11., 9.11., 16.11., 23.11., 30.11., 7.12., 14.12.
3. half-term: 11.1., 18.1., 25.1., 1.2., 8.2.
4. half-term: 29.2., 7.3., 14.3., 21.3., 28.3., 4.4.
5. half-term: 25.4., 2.5., 9.5., 16.5., 23.5.
6. half-term: 6.6., 13.6., 20.6., 27.6., 4.7., 11.7.

1. half-term: 11.9., 18.9., 25.9., 2.10., 9.10., 16.10., 23.10.
2. half-term: 6.11., 13.11., 20.11., 27.11., 4.12., 11.12.
3. half-term: 8.1., 15.1., 22.1., 29.1., 5.2., 12.2
4. half-term: 26.2., 4.3., 11.3., 18.3., 25.3., 1.4.
5. half-term: 22.4., 29.4., 6.5., 13.5., 20.5.
6. half-term: 3.6., 10.6., 17.6., 24.6., 01.7., 08.7., 15.7.


children aged 15 months – 24 months, taking place from 10:00 – 11 am
St Mary Magdalene Academy, Liverpool Road, London N7 8PG

Olympics in the Czech language

Czech School Without Borders, London took part in the national competition in the Czech language. The competition was organized by the worldwide association of Czech Schools. CSWB, London prepared the first school round on 4th May 2019. SIx children from year 2 – 6 wrote a test checking their ability to understand a text, to write a story by their own and checking how children can understand the Czech sayings. The competition was divided into 2 categories and CSWB London chose from each category the two best-written tests and send them into the worldwide round of the competition. At the end of May, the results will be announced but the school round has already been checked and resulted and CSWB London will announce the results on 6th June in the occasion of the Summer Party.


Textbooks for children in year 0, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are full of colourful pictures and maps together with amazing Czech texts and funny exercises. Teachers use them every Saturday for classes and children mainly at home for homework.