Scietific expedition “Chocolate Bob”

On Thursday 28.10. we went on a scientific expedition to the Science Museum. to discover the secrets and history of cocoa and chocolate. The explorers followed the footsteps of  cocoa bean farmers. Their guide, Chocolate Bob, took them all the way to the African plantations, where he revealed many interesting facts about cocoa and its processing. 

Did you know, for example, that the cocoa bean grows directly from the tree trunk, or that there are 500 different cocoa fragrances? The explorers also discovered new animal species, which they tried to copy in the form of hand puppets. 

The expedition continued with the exploration of the outdoors in Hyde Park, where, out of leaves and sticks, the children made portraits of our guide, Chocolate Bob. The whole expedition was documented by fitting animations created by every member of the expedition. The children were rewarded with an award from prof. Bob and Dr. Chocolate, our great graduates who helped out. The whole expedition has been more than successful.