Natural History Museum​

Natural History Museum

On Monday 30.5. 11 little researchers from Czech School Without Borders set out into the depths of the Natural History Museum in London. Their adventure started in the Investigation Center where they explored the biology of marine life: dolphin vertebrae, turtle shells and sperm whale teeth – which look exactly like bananas! Then, with the help of Smarties and Skittles, they learned about the concept of evolution and natural selection. This was followed by one of the highlights of the trip – the Tank Room, where not just any old mortal can get in. The little researchers had their hands full learning about the eating habits of the giant caterpillar, the life of monkfish and comparing the lizards to a real dragon – the Komodo dragon. After lunch, they discovered what it looks like on the seabed and learned how scientists study the creatures that live there. Finally, they became true scientists themselves, when they sifted through mud (from the Thames) like deep-sea biologists, observing and identifying river life under a microscope, and eventually taking their preserved specimens home. The little researchers (even the big ones who accompanied them on their adventure) had a great time. Many thanks to the NHM team, who let us in to the Investigation Center and Tank Room, and especially to Lence Neal, who introduced us to the secrets within her field.