Elementor #6809

15 March 2023

Mother Tongue International Day

On Wednesday 15th March, a mother tongue celebration took place in Islington Assembly Hall. This celebration was intended to highlight the importance and preservation of the mother tongue. To support not only children, but also parents and teachers who have the determination to devote themselves to the mother tongue and thus support the diversity of different cultures.

At the beginning, the selected children were presented with diplomas for excellent work, especially for their endurance and development in their mother tongue. The Mayor of Islington was also present. Subsequently, a varied program began with presentations about Arab culture, traditional dances from Ethiopia and Somalia and a performance by a children’s choir from Turkey. There was also a display of clothing that was characteristic of the country in question. The audience was joined in rhythm by a drum performance and by female Somali dancers.

Czech School Without Borders,  London also had the opportunity to present its operations, share its enthusiasm and experience. The whole program was accompanied by a great and pleasant atmosphere and ended with a traditional dish prepared by the local community.