Gingerbread house

The smell of gingerbread and fairytales are one of the main parts of Christmas. We combined both into one and baked together a gingerbread house at the online bakery on December 18th. In several kitchens, under kind supervision and precisely targeted instructions from teachers Linda North and Veronika Prokopov√°, the children and their parents managed to make gingerbread dough, paint and cut out templates for the gingerbread house, and finally bake and put all parts together successfully. At work, we talked about the gingerbread tradition and the Czech fairy tales we love. At the end of the two-hour effort, we agreed that the hag had to be extremely handy, because baking and building a gingerbread house is not that easy, but it’s so much fun. We managed to assemble the whole gingerbread village and shine the day with beautiful orange candlesticks. We have unforgettable memories of the whole event.