Masopust 2023

11 February 2023


On the last Saturday of the half-term, 11th February, we celebrated Mardi Gras with the children. The morning was peaceful, the students learned about the history of the carnival and looked at photos of richly decorated costumes. They used this as inspiration to make their own masks.

By the afternoon, music was already playing in the great hall. A disco was arranged for the whole school and, of course, there was a dance competition between the two classes. Preschoolers, first graders, and fourth graders had a narrow lead and during the last song, the decision was made as the fourth class impressed the most with their moves.

The fourth class also shone when preparing a small snack for their classmates. They took preschoolers under their wing in the kitchen and baked delicious cookies with them, the famous Czech “esíčka” and chocolate coconuts. There was also a gluten free option.

At the end of the day there was a carnival parade, where we saw one beautiful mask after another.