School Department

The Czech School offers supplementary education in Czech for Czech-speaking school-age children living in the UK. The school follows the Czech National Curriculum. Most of our children are from bilingual families with one parent being a native Czech speaker. The children attend their English schools throughout the week and come to us on Saturday to learn, share and have fun together in an environment which is exclusively Czech. We work with textbooks used in Czech classrooms (Nová škola publishing house) and follow the Framework Educational Programme (RVP) for Elementary Education.

Who is it for?
Our school is for bilingual children who speak Czech and English. Regrettably, we are unable to accept children whose Czech falls considerably below the expected standard for their age group.

Currently the school offers classes from reception class up to year 9th year of Czech primary school, with teachers guiding the children in reading, writing and counting in Czech. In the year 3 children learn Czech geography and from year 4 they study also Czech history. To enter the reception class or the first year of school, the children need to have completed the British Reception class and pass our enrolment test.

Our aims
– Improve the fluency and confidence of the children in Czech
– Teach children reading and writing and develop their speaking and listening skills
– Familiarise the children with the wider use of the Czech language
– Support parents in preparation for voluntary examinations (rozdílové zkoušky)

– Prepare year 8 and 9 pupils for a Czech Language Certificate Exam
– Make children aware of Czech culture and customs and proud of their Czech background and heritage

Czech School – 0.-9. třída / reception class, year 1-9
St. Mary Magdalene Academy, Liverpool Road, London N7 8PG

Dates and Times
The school takes place on Saturday mornings from 10.00 am till 2 pm, with the school dates following the British school terms.

0. ročník (reception class): Andrea Seidlerová
1. třída (year 1): Klára Škeříková
2. třída (year 2): Vendula Holubová, Tereza Pešíčková and Štěpánka Bulířová

3. třída (year 3): Alena Pilná and Lucie Jordová
4. třída (year 4): Barbora Hrůzová
5. třída (year 5): Soňa Šebestová
6. třída (year 6): Štěpán Weinzettl
7. třída (year 7): Katarina Lebar
8. třída (year 8): Hanka Červeňáková

9. třída (year 9): Adéla Herbsová

Teaching Assistants: Alice Kovaříková, Pavla Shaw, Matyáš Polenský, Kateřina Vlčková and Linda North

Volunteers: Filip Charvát, David Oršulik, Jana Baraková and Martina Victorio

NEW VOLUNTEERS – Our absolvents: Nicole Elisabeth Harrison, Isabella Kraft, Amelia North, Babetka Clark, Amie Korn, Týna Polenská and Adel Trhlíková

Children will be also working with a Speech Therapist Jana Martykánová.

All children should be in the class by 10.00 am to allow for a timely start to our lessons. Any latecomers arriving after 10.40 am should wait until the next available break so as not to disturb the lesson. Children should bring with them a packed lunch and drink as food and drinks are not provided.

Textbooks and exercise books will be supplied by the school upon successful enrollment and children need to bring these to each class together with pen and pencils. Parents are expected to ensure that their children complete any homework given.