St. Nicolas 2022

Also this year, on Saturday, December 4, 2021, Mikuláš came to visit us at the Czech School without Borders accompanied by angels and devils. During the lessons, Mikuláš and his entourage gradually visited all the classes and listened to the loud singing of children of all grades, including our youngest preschoolers. Not only the best behaving ones, but all the children took home a package full of nice treats, but the package also included potatoes, which were supposed to indicate to the children that they must be good next year, otherwise there will be only potatoes in the package instead of sweet treats. Even the naughtiest children the devils returned to the teachers, giving them another chance to improve.

The whole day was full of traditions. During the creative part of our programe, children decorated orange or apple with fragrant cloves or made their own Christmas decorations. Some of them covered their decorations with Christmas wishes and decorated our Christmas tree with them. The whole St. Nicholas Day ended with students who rehearsed a beautiful singing performance as part of the “Hudební půlhodinka”. They sang the most famous Czech carols to children, parents and teachers, and made the whole audience singing and created an unforgettable Christmas atmosphere.