British Museum 23

16 March 2023

Workshop at the British Museum

On Thursday 16 March, Czech School Without Borders prepared a seminar for its pupils at the British Museum. The group was led by teachers Eliška and Matyáš. At the beginning, before we started our journey, we introduced the children to how many continents there are in the world and what they are called. The pupils were given a map of the world, so they could write the name of the continents and then colour them according to the lowlands and highlands.

Our first journey led to Africa. Here we saw different coloured textiles, painted masks and the Tree of Life. In order to try working with textiles themselves, the children made their own bracelets at the end of our African exploration, in the colours of the Czech flag. After lunch in a nearby park, we returned to Africa for a while, but this time to prehistoric Egypt. Before we started our exploration, the pupils made beautiful pyramids. Then we went to explore the Egyptian part. Here the pupils were most interested in the mummies and the whole mummification process.

During the afternoon session we moved back to Europe, specifically to ancient Greece. Pupils were given worksheets, where they placed Greece on a map and learnt about Greek mythology. They were given clues and tried to guess which god we were talking about. The pupils then took us to the Greek part of the museum, where we explored Athenian sculpture and architecture. We finished the day on the top floor of the British Museum where pupils viewed Athenian pottery depicting Greek mythology. They then had the opportunity to paint and decorate such a vase themselves according to their own taste.

We are already looking forward to the next museum trip.