Autumn camp 21

25th – 28th October 2021 – Autumn camp “Training academy for superheroes”

For some teachers and interns there was a very challenging task during autumn holidays – to prepare 30 students, who (almost voluntarily) have decided to go to a camp, for a superhero career. Superheroes from 6 to 13 years met at the Cudham Environmental Activities Centre and there were many challenges prepared for them – for some of them it was to survive nights without mammy, for the others it could be to survive only on vegetarian food. However there were many tasks waiting for them all – to win the olympics, to make their own masks, to go through the night “path of courage” or to crack some secret codes. All the superheroes (Spidermans, Hulks, Batmans and Supermans) had to participate in cooking and cleaning the kitchen (because good superhero always help the others!), in morning warm-ups, in singing and toasting marshmallows by the campfire, or in a pyjama party. As a reward everyone got the badge and the diploma and hopefully a lot of good memories.